Friday, February 26, 2010

Seasonal Exchange - The Plan and Characters

The point was to get away from the snow for some riding, relaxation, camping and sunshine. Not that we weren't doing most of that right here in the winter of Western Colorado. But we wanted to push things forward a bit. Push them right up to where Spring was happening. To where the camping would be pleasant, and the sunshine would land on our skin instead of the outside of our warm coats.

We figured that if we drove South far enough, we could exchange our seemingly long, cold winter for an early Spring. We loaded Trina's truck and got moving. Who are we? This should help:

Cast of characters:

Trina, semi-lapsed artist, outdoor woman, owner of pickup truck and three dogs, girlfriend of Greg.
From Bikeabout

Greg, seasonal slacker, outdoor man, boyfriend of Trina, adopted by three dogs. Inveterate photographer.
From Bikeabout

Bella, larger brown-black dog, born in a beaver den, creaky joints from a long life of adventure. Fluctuates between "spaced out" and her "second puppyhood". Current hobby: licking.
From Bikeabout

Zeek, white and tan Parson Russell Terrier. Tough, confident. Focused and serious. Has no idea he's a small dog. Always ready for adventure. Born to hunt.

Sprocket, small red Assyrian Moth Hound who runs like the wind. Sweet disposition. Thinks everyone wants to wrestle and play. Chronically enthusiastic. Suffers from separation anxiety.
From Bikeabout

The adventure seemed to gather around certain touchpoints: Riding our bikes on sweet trails. Driving backways and reveling in the decay of former glory. Wandering among desert vegetation. And, of course, the dogs.

I haven't had a dog of "my own" since I was a kid. So being adopted by these dogs has been somewhat of a shock. I've been surprised by how much fun they are to be around, how much they add to my life, and by how much hair can come off of even a single dog.

On this trip, they definitely provided opportunity for some of the most exciting moments we had. More on that later.

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